Sunday, August 19, 2007


I was watching a movie,Dead poets society and there is a scene where robin williams demonstrates conformity to his class.What he does is he takes the entire class out onto the coutyard, picks five students and asks them to just walk around.All is fine and all of them just start strolling,slowly it turns into a circle and then they all fall into a rythm , perfect rythm.Each of them copy the other until they are all mimicking each other.

That set a chain reaction of thoughts in my head on conformity.Well it made me see how much of our life and actions are based on conformity and even more on dogma.

So,now if conditioning by our society and culture we are bought up in is acknowledged.
Then,that conditioning is the cause of conformity at some level and when one becomes aware of this need for conformity then I guess you are compelled by the original conditioning to fight this need for conformity which leads to a new kind of conditioning which is the thing we were fighting in the first place.

I know pretty random.But something that came into my head.
Discrepancy between thoughts and actions is inherent in humans. S.freud.
And though I'm not saying conformity is bad or anything...awareness is much better than ignorance,right?

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