Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm drunk.I mean properly drunk for the first time in my life.All I can say is it an experience .I can feel tommorrow's hangover coming on slowly. Made up with a friend I had differences with,someone I considered a good friend...but no matter how good a friend a person is always different from a friend of mine once had on her gtalk status every person is meant to be a profound mystery and enigma to the next one..and a friend is one who tries to solve this mystery.

Well quit it.Too much serious talk for a drunk guy.


Nipura said...
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Nipura said...

Sometimes, solving the enigma can be painful in friendships. There is always some part of a 'friend' that we cannot connect to. Mystery is unawareness. Solving the mystery is gud, provided we have the capability of extending ourselves to accommodate for everything our friends are. Doesn’t this look a closer meaning to a 'friend'?

kAushiK said...

Its good to die as an enigma.

too many questions ...too few answers said...



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