Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bombay Rains ; New York Winds

It was a rainy evening; dark and damp like most evenings of the Mumbai monsoon.Relentless rain battering him on the patio of his parents apartment.He was speaking to her on the phone but the rains apparently messed up the cellular communication.It was his welcome back to India gathering at his parents home.

All he could hear was the sound of relentless rain screaming into the phone .As if she was far far away and screaming for him to come to her. His mother was calling for him from within, to meet the guests who had come to welcome him. He was straining to hear her voice over the phone.

But Bombay monsoons are the unconquered gods and he knew he had no hope for tonight.As he blew a kiss into the phone and turned to return inside, he heard her voice ; like she was right beside him. He turned to see her standing beside the rectangular wooden chair on the patio.Both drenched in the rain, as if she was sitting on it all this while.

She was standing now , looking soft and delicate; like a gracefully curved lightning bolt.She, in her dark maroon sari , on this dark wet night with the wind carrying her smell mingled the smell of damp wood. Rahul stood there mesmerized, as if waiting for her to say something.He knew she had come because he had wished for it with all of his heart. She stood there looking at him; looking at each other, as if they were having a conversation that no longer required phones or voices. Looking into her eyes which shone like pools of dark water.He leaned, to kiss her smiling lips, to welcome her to his welcome party . To celebrate the union of all his homes, to celebrate being whole. He reached across to hold her in his arms.

He opened his eyes to see his room in New York.It was a dream.

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