Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Recipe for Capsicum Curry

Motivation , to cook capsicum curry that is :

In retrospect I can say that for most of my life, I have had the good fortune of not having to worry about variety in my meals.But after eating like a sailor from the 15th century for the past week or so , eggs and Indian pickle has been my staple.Today, I had to cook something that had grown in the ground !

Now on to the Main topic of this Post :

1. One Capsicum( obviously :P )
2. One Onion (preferrably unspoiled and not 2 months old ... see the trick is one has to use them) if spoiled, steal room-mates onion.
3. One Tomato . If you have one well and good . If not once again resort to solution suggested in number 2. If that too is spoiled . Tough Luck ,you will have eat like me.Now point to be noted , tomatoes have a much shorter shelf life.
4. Indian spices


1. Chop Onions and Tomatoes(Oh , I forgot I didn't have any)
2. Heat Oil in pan and wait for it to heat... add all the Indian spices u have.
3. Add Onions. While the onions are cooking to a light brown,
4. Chop Capsicum . (To digress:Beware the Blunt side of the knife can cut deep into your index finger, unfortunately this is from today's experience. If this happens wash your cut under cold water and apply turmeric as a natural antiseptic or u can suck on your cut , I hear blood is quite the appetiser for Vampires)
5. Now back to Business, add Capsicum
6. Add salt and such other condiments to taste (andaaza se ... :P)
7. Flame to Medium .Cover pan an keep stirring periodically.

30 mins and a few cuts and bruises later you have Capsicum curry for 2 servings ...

-- ---- -h-

PS: Much tempted to post a pic of the curry as well . But I dont wish to be scary ,you see my camera is not all that good :D

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